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Affordable Kitchen Flooring in Phoenix

Affordable Kitchen Flooring Options

Go back ten years or more and you will remember that the choices for kitchen flooring was very limited.  Most of the choices for kitchen flooring was either tile or vinyl.  These two options are still a very popular choice for the traditional kitchen floors. Times have changed a bit and people are leaning to a more modern and unique look for flooring. Because of this, many flooring vendors have created many unique and affordable flooring options for homeowners.

Affordable Kitchen Flooring in Phoenix

Affordable Kitchen Flooring in Phoenix

Choices for kitchen flooring have exploded in the last couple years with wood and laminate becoming very popular choices for kitchen flooring. I have talked with several local builders; their observation is that wood flooring and the look of wood has made a major comeback especially for the kitchen. People now are wanting ways to be creative and unique with the flooring choices for their homes.

More Affordable Kitchen Flooring Options are Available in Phoenix

The owner of Arizona Floors in Phoenix Arizona, said that we are seeing double and even triple the number of wood flooring and laminate flooring for kitchen remodels compared to 10 years ago. He suggested that one of the reasons may be the more open floor plans that are prevalent in today’s homes. You can see that when you combine the kitchen and family rooms together wood floors and the look of wood offers an elegant seamless look for that type of floor plan.

No longer are kitchens small rooms in the back of the home. Kitchens have become the showcase and meeting places of our homes. Now combined with the family room we want our homes to feel warm and inviting and friendly. Most often, the wife wants to show off her new kitchen to all her friends and family.

Wood flooring as an option for your kitchen helps create that perfect space where people want to congregate and talk.

Affordable Kitchen Flooring Options with Wood

Some wood floors can be finished with oil and wax to give a weathered, antique look, but this finish does not last very long in high traffic areas and will need regular waxing.  Laminate is a great choice to give you the look of wood and the durability of tile. You could also choose a pretreated wood flooring product that will cut down on the mess and smell with installation and can be cleaned regularly with a broom and mop.

Arizona Floors in Phoenix Arizona has many wood flooring options available for your new or remodeled kitchen. Depending on the type of wood you choose the price can run around $2.50 and up to about $8.00 per square foot installed.  Please visit our beautiful showroom at 1801 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix or call 602-230-1222 for a free design consultation. There are many kitchen flooring options available in Phoenix.