“I’d like to start off saying that I am a consumer looking to purchase flooring. Most people, in Arizona, automatically think of lumber liquidators when searching for floors. I decided to look for other suppliers and ultimately chose Arizona Floors for my project. There are a few really great reasons why I chose them over other businesses…

1-They quoted me on the spot, all installation materials (like glue and baseboard) included.

2-when looking for quotes and researching companies I received a quote of $1.29 per sq. ft. for the vinyl flooring I was looking for, after deciding to use AZ Floors I stopped back in there and they re-quoted me $1.49 sq. ft. I brought this up to Ryan Jackson and he contacted his boss and honored the original quote I verbally received a month before From him. I highly appreciate a company who stands by their word!

3-Ryan stopped what he was doing, and immediately gave me his full attention. We found the flooring I needed, discussed installation techniques, and even gave me a few examples of durability by explaining a few local business that have had the same flooring installed in them for years and how their flooring has held up over time.

4-This is a locally owned and operated business, these guys care about the products they offer, and most everything they carried looked of very high quality. They’ve taken the guess work out of finding a quality lasting product.

I am satisfied with my transaction, customer service, and ordering process…

Thanks AZ Floors!”

Don O.
Phoenix, AZ